Valid from 2023 month of January.
The goal is to define the most important principles in the field of environmental protection, which are applied to UAB "Vystyk", in order to reduce the impact of the activities on the environment and to introduce a culture based on the principles of sustainable development in the company and its environment.

Scope - UAB "Vystyk" environmental protection rules apply to all employees of the company.

According to this policy, our company assumes responsibility for the impact of its activities on the environment and undertakes:

  • follow the principles of pollution prevention, reduce the amount of waste generated in the activity, ensure their safe and responsible handling;
  • carry out activities in compliance with all mandatory requirements of environmental protection legislation;
  • implement an environmental management system defining responsibility and management procedures and continuously improve it;
  • maintaining an open dialogue with stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and neighbours, in order to ensure that the respective interests and requirements related to environmental issues are respected;
  • develop employees' competencies, a conservative and responsible approach to environmental protection, promote their participation in environmental initiatives;
  • to ensure that employees are familiar with this policy and to promote responsible employee behavior and involvement in environmental activities both at the workplace and outside of it by various means.

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